CLARITY within a photograph, is the ultimate must have for me to work from, as it enables a much higher level of detail to be obtained within the drawing and painting, and results in a better all-rounded portrait!

Sometimes, a quick snap on your camera phone when walking your dogs is often when a dogs personality and attitude come across the best, so I appreciate that sometimes these pictures are the ideal moment to immortalise within a painting and drawing. When this option is the case, I ask for a number of photographs taken from different angles to better visualize the texture of fur, colour of the eyes, and shadowing within the subject. This is often achieved much better with the use of a digital camera.
ANGLE is also an important aspect to consider before sending me across a photo. As you often look at your pet from above, it is natural to have photographs from this angle. However, portraits when hung on the wall, look a lot better when the subject is at eye level, so please consider taking photographs from your pet’s level if you are able to do so.


LIGHTING is extremely important for me to recreate a lifelike impression of your pet. Natural lighting is a must have, as photos taken indoors often have flash on which drastically alters the colours, shadows and lighting of the subject.

If you are unable to take photographs outside, try positioning your pet next to a window as this has the same effect.


Silken Windhound. The All Breed Obedience Club, Inc hosted a UKC Obedience Trial in Escondido, CA in April 2012. This gallery is from the second show on Saturday May 7. Judged by Jill Perry.

All in all, the more high resolution pictures you can send me the better, as it enables me to get a better idea of the personality and detail of your pet. Go snap happy!


As mentioned above, I work from photograph to create your portrait. So before I begin, we can discuss in length the positioning of the subject(s) and the desired background of the piece (which can be taken from another photograph for example).

I will then send you a rough arrangement of your portrait and how the finished piece will be expected to look-  this is done on Photoshop and is especially useful when arranging several different pets onto one piece. When you are happy with this, I require a 50% deposit before I begin work. Depending on work load, timings vary from month to month but I will always aim to get your portrait to you within 8 weeks of you confirming the arrangement draft.

If desired, I aim to keep clients up to date with how their portrait is progressing by sending through photographs of their portrait’s progress.

Once complete, I will then send you a watermarked scan of the finished piece. If you request any changes to be made to the portrait, I am more than happy to implement these at this stage.

Only when you are 100% happy with the finished portrait, I will ask for the remaining balance to be paid. Upon receipt of payment I will send the portrait first class recorded delivery. Alternatively for larger canvas sizes especially, it is more viable for the piece to be collected.

If you are interested in getting a pet portrait done, or would like more information then please feel free to get in touch via the details found on my contact page.